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Veterinary Science

UC-D  Credit



The Veterinary Science course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to investigate different aspects of the animal health and care occupations, or to continue on in post-secondary education in the animal science field.  This content of this course will include: job-search skills, comparative anatomy and physiology, animal reproduction, animal inheritance and selection principles, basic pet grooming skills, animal restraint, nutrition and housing, medical terminology, animal welfare concerns, production practices for large and small animals, production of small animals, how animal products and by-products are processed and marketed, species and breed identification, and disease control/management. This course will also combine fundamentals of academics to include communications, career planning and management, technology, problem solving and critical thinking, health and safety practices, ethics as well as legal responsibilities, leadership development and team work through active participation in the FFA, personal responsibility and flexibility as it applies to specific job skills.


This course carries five units of Life Science credit that meets the high school graduation requirements for each semester completed.


Grade Level: 11-12

Length of Course: 1 Year (2 Semesters)

Credit Type: College Prep, U.C. Approved- D, Dual Enrollment-Bakersfield College

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Agriculture Program with prior completion of Agriculture Biology with Algebra 1 strongly recommended.

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