Chapter Officer Team


Darcie Shugart

Year: Senior

SAE Project: Animal Care & Sitting

FFA Activities:  Parliamentary Procedure team, Ag Sales, Prepared Speaking, Citrus Judging, Marketing & Cooperative, Regional Office

Why I Serve: I serve to create an inclusive environment for all members. Getting the opportunity to create and plan events is a chance to foster a safe place, empower chapter members, and inspire future involvement and success. 

Vice President

Angelica Alvarez

Year: Senior

SAE Project: Plant Science

FFA Activities: AET, Opening and Closing, Parliamentary Procedure

Why I Serve: My goals as a chapter officer  is to help the incoming FFA members and the ones we have now reach their potential and have fun memories.


Addison Taylor

Year: Senior

SAE Project: Market Sheep & Market Rabbit

FFA Activities: Parliamentary Procedure, Ag Communications, Extemporaneous Speaking, Sectional Officer

Why I Serve:  In a world of chaos, it’s important that others know that there is someone on their team to help. By serving our members, I am able to better connect and help when needed. 



Anabelle Jobe

Year: Junior

SAE Project: Horses

FFA Activities: Parliamentary Procedure, Horse Judging, Novice Records

Why I Serve: I serve because I want to help others find their voice and passion within the program.  I want to push others to step outside their comfort zone and pursue their goals for life after high school.


Emma Tripp

Year: Junior

SAE Project: Poultry & Rabbit SAE

FFA Activities: Novice Records, Parliamentary Procedure, Impromptu Speaking

Why I Serve:  I have been impacted by the previous officers and broken out of my shell. My goal is to show our members the opportunities FFA has to offer. I hope to make a lasting impact and encourage involvement.



Malana Unsell

Year: Junior

SAE Project: Market & Breeding Swine, Market &  Breeding Beef

FFA Activities: AET, Ag Sales, Parliamentary Procedure, Novice Records

Why I Serve: I serve to help get my peers involved in FFA. I aspire to have all their voices to be heard, so they are all able to contribute to our amazing program. 



Kylee Tripp

Year: Sophomore

SAE Project: Poultry & Rabbit SAE

FFA Activities: Horse Judging, Parliamentary Procedure, Creed & BIG

Why I Serve: I serve to mentor others so that they can achieve their goals and get involved with the program. I have been mentored by some great leaders in this program and I strive to have the same impact on others that they have had on me.

Committee Chair

Virtual Engagement 

Angel Perez.jpg

Angel Perez

Year: Senior

SAE Project: Lawn Care

FFA Activities: Prepared Speaking, Parliamentary Procedure, AET

Why I Serve: I serve to encourage and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and to create leaders that will do the same.