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AET Farm Records

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the online record system utilized by FFA for the purpose of recording FFA activities and SAE experiences. The AET Farm Records  contest encourages students to better analyze farm records while also reinforcing mathematics standards.

Citrus Judging

The Citrus Contest seeks to effectively prepare students for the expectations of the citrus industry.  Students seeking careers in the citrus industry must develop a high degree of knowledge and skill in industry standards as well as critical thinking, oral communication, and plant biology.   

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Computer Applications

The FFA Computer Applications Contest provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their computer knowledge and skills, public speaking skills, and their abilities to apply their knowledge and skills to an educational or agricultural situation.

Food Science

The purpose of the Food Science CDE is to promote learning activities in food science and technology related to the food industry and to assist students in developing practical knowledge of principles used in a team decision-making process.

Horse Judging 

Students who participate in the Horse Evaluation CDE gain new insights into equine science by evaluating and ranking horses based on breed characteristics, conformation and performance. Participants defend their decisions through oral reasons in front of a panel of judges.

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan contest seeks to effectively prepare students for the opportunities and expectations of the agricultural business workplace.  Students seeking careers in agriculture business must develop a high degree of knowledge and skill as well as the capacity to create and present a marketing plan.  This competition should help to develop partnerships and improve relations with local agricultural industries, FFA chapters and the general public.

Parliamentary Procedure

Students participating in the Parliamentary Procedure LDE are evaluated on their ability to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting using parliamentary procedure. Participants are judged on their knowledge of parliamentary law and their ability to present logical, realistic and convincing debate and motions.

Ag Sales

The purpose of the Agriculture Sales Career Development Event is to provide an individual with the basic skills to take advantage of the career opportunities offered in the agricultural sales field.  Sales are an essential part of a market economy.  Agricultural products benefit from sales skills, both for inputs for production and the marketing of the products.


Speaking teams foster and develop speaking abilities of FFA members as well as develop their self-confidence and contribute to their advancement in inter-personal skill attainment and leadership development.  Through Creed, Impromptu, Employment Skills, Prepared and Extemporaneous speaking students will develop the valuable speaking skills necessary to be professional, competent public representatives of the FFA Organization and Agriculture Industry.

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