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Floral Design

UC-F credit


Grade Level: 9-12

Length of Course: 1 Year (2 Semesters)

Credit Type: College Prep

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Agriculture Program. Freshmen enrollment is subject to site approval.


The Art of Floral Design is intended to introduce the student to theories and principles of artistic design and their influence on floral artistry.  The course emphasizes the knowledge and skills needed to understand artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context(s); aesthetic valuing, and practical application of the visual arts.  Students will analyze, interpret, create and judge various types of artwork and apply what is learned to floral art. Students will be introduced to the basic elements of visual art such as line, balance, color and form and apply this knowledge to floral designs as well as two dimensional projects using other art media. Through hands on practice the student will become familiar with material selection, design mechanics, maintenance and design evaluation. Students will achieve this through creating, designing, identifying, explaining and evaluating their own work.  Other projects will include two and three dimensional design that serve to reinforce the students’ instruction in historical and cultural influence, color theory and creative expression. Concepts will be reinforced by using appropriate design vocabulary in conjunction with development of technical skills in floral art, cut flower identification and care and will serve as a foundation for more complex works such as multi-part floral design, design challenges and creating art based on client specifications.

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